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Little Robbers

Title: Little Robbers
Original title: Die kleinen Bankräuber
Format: 1 x 80 minutes
Starring: Karl Markovics (THE COUNTERFEITERS)
Gustava Vilsons
Zane Leimane
Arturs Skrastins
Juris Zagras
Directed by: Armands Zvirbulis
Produced by: Studio F.O.R.M.A and MINI FILM and Beta
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Little Robbers

Every robber starts out small...

Robby (5) and Louisa (7) are not one bit pleased that they and their parents have to move out of their new home. The children's parents can't pay back their mortgage, and the bank wants its money back now... But why does the bank need their money so badly when it has so much more in its safe? Surely there must be at least a million in the vaults! In the meantime, the family moves in with grandpa and grandma on their farm. But Robby can't forget all the stacks of dollars he glimpsed in the bank's safe - and comes up with a plan: he and Louisa will sneak into the vault and take what they need to pay for the house. The heist goes remarkably well - except that the children stumble onto a gigantic swindle devised by the corrupt bank director and his security guards. A wild chase ensues, first through the city, then at the grandparents' farm, with granddad helping the kids outfox the increasingly battered, beaten and bestially stinking thugs...