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Live is Life

Title: Live is Life
Original title: Live is Life - Das Seniorenheim schlägt zurück
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Jan Josef Liefers (THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX)
Ursula Strauss (MY BEST ENEMY)
Joachim Fuchsberger
Bibiana Zeller
Directed by: Wolfgang Murnberger (SILENTIUM, THE BONE MAN)
Produced by: DOR Film for ARD and ORF in association with Beta
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Live is Life

Community service instead of jail is cool by Rocco. He and his seniors get on fine, and when he's fired, they stick with him – even forming a rock band.

Jail sentence or community service? For Rocco, it's a no-brainer. 100 days of pushing senior citizens around in their wheelchairs in a retirement home is a 100 times better than life behind bars. Plus, he can continue rehearsing with his band for the big contest! With his infectious spirit and irreverent humor, Rocco hits it off well with his charges, but less so with the home's director, a humorless lady who's all for order, discipline, rules and - if it keeps the oldsters quiet - medication. Rocco's got sweet-natured nurse Marina on his side, but even she can't save him from being fired. Wanted by the cops, kicked out of his own band, Rocco hits bottom. But his seniors haven't forgotten him, and now they want him to form a band with them so that they can win the band contest's 100,000-euro prize and buy their freedom from the hated home director. "Rocco and the Pacemakers" is born, and they're out to rock 'n' roll!


  • "Live is Life" wins German primetime with more than 8 million viewers

    Munich, 4 Feb 2010. The TV movie Live is Life has won the primetime slot with exceptional ratings on public broadcaster ARD.