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Lola on the Pea

Title: Lola on the Pea
Original title: Lola auf der Erbse
Format: 1 x 90 minutes, HD
Starring: Christiane Paul
Tabea Hanstein
Arturo Pereia Bigwood
Tobias Oertel
Ferhat Keskin
Antoine Monot Jr.
Peter Fieseler
Directed by: Thomas Heinemann
Produced by: superNeun Filmproduktion and Aviv Pictures
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Lola on the Pea

Good things come to those who wait.

Lola lives with her mom Loretta on a houseboat. Since her father vanished into thin air a year ago, she has become introverted and lives in her own little dream world. She has vowed not to cut her hair or wash the spot on her neck where her dad last kissed her until he gets back. She doesn't really get along with her classmates at school, and her only real friend is the crazy old captain Solmsen.

One day, however, while hanging out at her favorite spot near the river, her solitude is broken by an intruder. His name is Rebin. What no one except their teacher knows: Rebin is a Kurd living illegally in Germany with his parents. Although Rebin's father has warned him to keep to himself, little by little he and Lola become friends.

Lola's mom, in the meantime, has met a new man, Kurt. He's nice enough, but there's no way Lola is going to let anyone replace her dad, so she does everything she can to put him off. But when Rebin's mother gets very ill, Lola swallows her pride and begs for Kurt's help.

A few days later, Rebin and his family are nowhere to be found, and Lola is inconsolable...