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Lost in Marseille

Title: Lost in Marseille
Original title: Spurlos in Marseille
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Fabian Busch (DOWNFALL)
Sabrina Amali
Jeanne Tremsal
Gitta Schweighöfer
Michael Rotschopf
Mehdi Meskar
Directed by: Roland Suso
Produced by: Lailaps Pictures for ARD Degeto
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Lost in Marseille

1. A stay-at-home husband, Bruno is frantic when his wife Katja is abducted in Marseille. Suddenly out of his element, he finds unexpected courage as he sets out to save her.

Bruno's life veers out of control when his wife Katja suddenly vanishes in Marseille. From stay-at-home husband to reluctant hero, his courage is put to the test as he frantically searches for clues as to who abducted her and why. Could it be connected to her high-powered job in a German bank? Bruno follows the clues, with Aliya, the Moroccan cab driver, at his side. When they finally locate someone who could cast some light on Katja's disappearance, it is only to find him dead. Katja clearly had some dangerous secrets and the closer they get to the truth, the more dangerous it becomes. Yet, Bruno is determined to save her – and not even a passionate night with Aliya can weaken his resolve.