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Lost in Separation

Title: Lost in Separation
Original title: Und wer nimmt den Hund?
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Martina Gedeck (THE LIVES OF OTHERS)
Lucie Heinze
Angelika Thomas
Marcel Hensema
Directed by: Rainer Kaufmann
Produced by: Relevant Film for ARD Degeto
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Lost in Separation

Who'll take the dog?

With two kids, a house, a dog, and two fiftieth birthdays, Doris and Georg are the perfect middle-class couple. That doesn't stop them from separating after nearly a quarter-century marriage. As the couple attempt to analyze their past in joint therapy sessions, Doris' newfound freedom allows her to blossom in both her professional and personal life, while Georg's affair with a much younger doctoral student starts to fall apart. He's bothered by Doris' ability to thrive without him. Can he turn things around? Will Doris let him? And is that what both of them really want?