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Love, Inevitably

Title: Love, Inevitably
Original title: Lejos de ti
Format: 10 x one hour, HD
Starring: Megan Montaner (THE EMBASSY)
Alessandro Tiberi
Rosario Pardo
Pamela Villoresi
Teco Celio
Valeria Bilello
Directed by: Ivan Silvestrini
Produced by: Cross Productions for Telecinco
SCREENER - 100' edit
Episode 1 
Episode 1 
Episode 2 

Love, Inevitably

An airport strike leads to the beginnings of an uncanny, long-distance, romance between Candela in Seville and Massimo in Rome. Where time and distance don't seem to matter.

Could it be more than coincidence? Candela, a lovely, vivacious Flamenco dancer from Seville, literally bumps into Massimo, good-looking Roman businessman, when they are stranded at Prague Airport. Poles apart and off to a rocky start, they somehow keep colliding. Even back home. In Seville, Candela's life is difficult, with a small son, an ex-husband serving time in prison and months behind on her rent, while Massimo in Rome is due to marry and desperate to keep his struggling business afloat. Somehow they inexplicably keep meeting, yet only they can see each other. Despite the distance between them, they are materializing in each other's mind and communicating all the time, often at the most inconvenient moments. Everyone around them thinks they are nuts. And pretty soon, so do they. They talk, bicker, trade advice, and try to shut out the rest of the world. Hallucination? Delusion? Or could they be made for each other? Sometimes destiny won't take “no” for an answer.


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