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Lucky Christmas

Title: Lucky Christmas
Original title: Lucky Christmas
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Elizabeth Berkley (CSI MIAMI, SHOWGIRLS)
Jason Gray-Stanford (MONK)
Mitchell Kummen
Mike Bell
Julia Arkos
Directed by: Gary Yates
Produced by: Hallmark Channel Presentation, Lucky Xmas Film Inc., julijette inc. and Smash Media Inc.
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Lucky Christmas

What they need is a bit of holiday magic – and a winning lottery ticket

Holly Ceroni is a young, gorgeous single mother and a gifted chef as well. But the only dish she can't seem to whip up is her luck with jobs, men and life in general. She shares an attic with her son Max; she helps out here and there as a cook; and she hasn't met a nice, decent man in years. Yet she continues to dream – of opening a restaurant of her own, and of helping Max finally accept that his dad has disappeared from their lives for good.

With Christmas coming, Holly buys a lottery ticket, kisses it for good luck, and puts it in the glove compartment of her car. And then, before she knows it, her life changes forever. That evening, her car is stolen. The next morning, she learns that she's got the million-dollar lottery ticket – which is in the car! Thanks to Holly's spontaneous but ill-advised cry for help on local TV, the guys who “borrowed” her car – Mike and his pal Joe – soon find the ticket. While Joe wants to cash it in, Mike wants to give it back to Holly, even if he could use the money to start up his sustainable-architecture business. They ultimately agree that Mike will romance Holly in order to get a cut of the money.

Mike, however, is one of those nice, decent men that Holly never meets. He expertly engineers their meeting, but falling in love with Holly wasn't part of the plan. He even gets along great with Max and fills in for the boy's dad in a father-and-son event. It gets harder and harder for him to tell Holly about the ticket. And when the ticket seems to have been lost in the mail, Mike is absolutely shattered – also because Holly finds out that he rigged everything up and never wants to see him again. No million dollars, no nice man, no restaurant. All Holly can do now is hope that she and Max will somehow have a lucky Christmas after all!


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