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Lulu & Jimi

Title: Lulu & Jimi
Original title: Lulu und Jimi
Format: two hours
Starring: Jennifer Decker
Ray Fearon
Katrin Sass (GOODBYE LENIN!)
Rolf Zacher
Ulrich Thomsen (THE CELEBRATION)
Directed by: Oskar Roehler
Produced by: sperl + schott film in co-production with X Filme Creative Pool, Senator, EMC Produktion and Oskar Roehler
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Lulu & Jimi

Music. Rythm. Heartache. It's Romeo and Juliet with a 50s beat.

It's the rock 'n' roll era in Germany - the lust for life and rebellion is in the air. LULU, the daughter of a bankrupt factory owner, falls in love with Jimi, the impossibly handsome but penniless son of a damaged African American World War II veteran. The inhabitants of the conservative small town are horrified, and especially Lulu's mother GERTRUD tries to stir the prejudices in her friends to fight against this unwanted love affair. She orders her chauffeur, SCHULTZ, and her doctor, VON OPPELN, to do everything they can to spoil the lovers' happiness. But Lulu and Jimi won't let anybody or anything get in their way! They live and love on the run, always one step ahead of their pursuers. Until they fall into a trap...