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Man of Glass

Title: Man of Glass
Original title: L'Uomo di Vetro
Format: two hours
Starring: David Coco
Anna Bonaiuto
Tony Sperandeo
Directed by: Stefano Incerti
Produced by: Produced by Rai Cinema and Red Film Group supported by Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali, Dipartimento per lo spettacolo e lo sport, Direzione Generale per il cinema with the support of Media Programme in association with Beta Cinema
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Man of Glass

He could bring down the Mafia - if only someone believed him...

After years of silence, Leonardo Vitale is going to talk. But in Sicily in the early 70s, talking can get you killed... Leonardo is a small-time mafioso, a member of an important clan run by his uncle Titta. Too insecure and sensitive to become a ruthless boss, he's hardly noticed - until he's jailed for a kidnapping he's not involved in. When he starts squealing on his fellow "men of honor," it's his own grave that he begins to dig. The contempt of his fellow prisoners drives him to the edge of madness; a shock therapy nearly sends him over for good. Yet he insists in pursuing his quest for justice even in the wake of harrowing reprisals: an attack on his girlfriend, the murders of his uncle and best friend. He now sees himself on a spiritual mission to tell the truth about his crimes and those of the others. He is resolutely determined to expose the Mafia structures he is familiar with - but his increasingly irrational behavior is undermining his own efforts to bring down organized crime in Sicily...