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Maria Theresa - A Woman at War

Title: Maria Theresa - A Woman at War
Original title: Maria Theresa - II
Format: 2 x two hours, HD
Starring: Stefanie Reinsperger
Vojtech Kotek (BURNING BUSH)
Johannes Krisch (REVANCHE)
Zuzana Stivínová
Philipp Hochmair
Tatiana Pauhofová
Directed by: Robert Dornhelm (ANNE FRANK, WAR AND PEACE)
Produced by: Maya Production in association with MR Film and Beta Film for Czech TV, ORF, RTVS and MTVA
Part 1 
Part 2 

Maria Theresa - A Woman at War

Maria Theresa returns for a new season: A woman in power faces adversity from all sides – will she be able to end the war and save her marriage?

Maria Theresa has hopes for ending the war with Prussia, but her position as a powerful woman still draws the ire of many, even her mother-in-law, who sends her other son to spy on the Hapsburg military strategies. No wonder Maria feels like she is fighting a lone fight. Even her husband betrays her, keeping a mistress and trading with the enemy. In a desperate gesture, Maria hires a mercenary army and the tides turn. But this will come at a price. And when Maria has an affair with serious consequences, her situation worsens – now she's vulnerable to blackmail as well. Facing increasing pressures from all sides, including her own family, Maria has no choice but to address head-on both, the issues of the state and those of her marriage.

Press Quotes

“‘Maria Theresa' is the Austrian-Czech-Slovakian answer to such series as ‘The Crown' (Netflix) and ‘Catherine the Great' (Sky/HBO): lavishly-set, complacently-vivid and told in a majestically-gestured manner.”


  • Beta sells “Maria Theresa” to the US and throughout Europe

    Beta Film's limited series Maria Theresa has not only scored record ratings throughout Europe, but also secured a row of international deals, including the US...

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