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Masuria Murders

Title: Masuria Murders
Original title: Masuren-Krimi
Format: 2 x two hours, HD
Starring: Claudia Eisinger
Sebastian Hülk
Karolina Lodyga
Directed by: Anno Saul
Produced by: Odeon Fiction for ARD Degeto

Masuria Murders

A forensic scientist is drawn to idyllic Masuria due to a family tragedy, little suspecting that she will soon be knee-deep in a series of murder investigations.

Her uncle's death draws forensic pathologist Dr. Viktoria Wex back to her childhood home in Poland. Her visit suddenly turns into a murder investigation, when she finds a dead body in the cellar: that of a shady local businessman. An accident, says the coroner, but Viktoria isn't buying it. Eccentric and obsessive, she teams up with Leon, her handsome police officer neighbor, to solve the case and soon finds that everybody is involved in a cover-up. Sure enough, Viktoria can't seem to get away, especially when she is called to another crime scene: a local poacher shot dead. Close by, the remains of a slaughtered bison, its meat a valuable delicacy. Greed and violence combine, escalating into yet another family tragedy.