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Title: Merlin
Original title: Merlin
Format: 2 x two hours, HD
Starring: Gerard Jugnot (THE CHORUS)
Cristiana Capotondi (SISI)
Marilou Berry
Josephine Meaux de (INTOUCHABLES)
Michel Vuillermoz
Arthur Molinier
Wladimir Yordanoff
Directed by: Stephane Kappes
Produced by: GMT Productions in co-production with TF1 in association with Beta
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The fate of a kingdom. The challenge of a wizard.

Never has young soon-to-be King Arthur needed more magical help than now! With his betrothed Lady Guinevere held hostage in a dismal dungeon, and without his magical sword Excalibur, Arthur can only seek help from his most loyal friend: Merlin. Arthur knows that the wizard will do anything within his powers to save the kingdom, but just how strong are his powers? The question presents itself when Merlin falls in love with Viviane, the Lady of the Lake: the more Merlin loses his heart to Viviane, the more he loses his magic... Arthur desperately needs Excalibur to save the languishing Guinevere and fight off the evil Vortigern, who has launched an attack on the kingdom. Merlin, meanwhile, must face off with the wicked Morgan le Fay, who wanted to marry Arthur but was rejected by him and turned to black magic instead. With the help of Viviane and her fearless little ward Lancelot, Merlin helps Arthur win back Excalibur. But when Guinevere is unexpectedly released from captivity, Arthur is not the only one to suspect that in the kingdom of Broceliande, appearances can deceive...


  • Beta’s MERLIN enchantes France

    Merlin has enchanted the French TV public...