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Message in a Bottle

Title: Message in a Bottle
Original title: Message in a Bottle
Format: 26 x 12 minutes, HD
Starring: N.N.
Directed by: Rollo Tomas
Produced by: Rollo Tomasi in co-production with NRK
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Message in a Bottle

My adventure on a pacific island

“Hi, my name is Ivi and I'm six years old. I live on a pacific island with my little brother Jack, my cousin Jørgen and my Mum and Dad. The island is called Tikopia and is on the other side of the world. We're living here a different type of life and learn from the people that live here. My best friends on Tikopia are our neighbors Ellen and Samuel, Mary the princess and funny Jessie.”

This docu-fiction series follows Ivi and her family for a period of time, to remove themselves from their ordinary life and to take a break from the stereotypic western world. It is a big contrast to long working hours, kindergarten, internet and daily shopping at the mall. One of their goals was to learn something from the people of Tikopia. Not being born into our mainstream world these people inhabit a type of knowledge and experience about living in and with nature that is becoming increasingly rare.

Each day Ivi writes a letter for her friends and family and puts it in a bottle. And then she hopes that it will arrive somewhere, sometime and be read by someone on the other side of her world – her message in a bottle!