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Midnight Masquerade

Title: Midnight Masquerade
Original title: Midnight Masquerade
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Autumn Reeser (THE O.C.)
Christopher Russell
Helen Colliander
Directed by: Graeme Campbell
Produced by: Hallmark Channel Production and Domino Productions Inc.
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Midnight Masquerade

Don't let the right one slip away

Starring Autumn Reeser (The O.C.) and Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives)

Once upon a time there was a ravishingly beautiful young woman who stole the heart of a kind-hearted, handsome young man. However, our Cinderella doesn't mope while cleaning the floors; she's Elyse Samford, CEO of Samford Candy, who has just taken over the reins of the family company and has spontaneously invited Samford's longtime legal consultants Higgins Attorneys & Sons to Samford's Halloween Ball. Among those invited is the handsome young attorney Rob Carelli. Smitten with Elyse, he can hardly wait for the ball and even gets a splendid "prince" costume made on measure.
But like in the fairy tale (or almost), he's got to cope with two lazy, scheming young attorneys – the " Sons" in the firm's name – who can't resist tormenting hard-working Rob. Despite an urgent deadline, Rob actually does make it to the ball and Elyse falls hopelessly in love with her prince, who, incidentally, seems to know a thing or two about ladies' shoes. Rob – still masked – flees before the firm closes at midnight, finishes his work on time, and finds out just how corrupt Higgins & Sons are. In a dramatic round-up in Higgins' office with Elyse and the lawyers, it's one's word against the other's – until Rob's skill with ladies' shoes proves that he's the prince with whom Elyse will live happily ever after...