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Miracle in Manhattan

Title: Miracle in Manhattan
Original title: Call me Mrs. Miracle
Format: two hours
Starring: Doris Roberts (EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND)
Eric Johnson (SMALLVILLE)
Jewel Staite (THE KILLING)
Directed by: Michael Scott
Produced by: Hallmark Channel presents a Dan Wigutow Production, Inc. & KZ Production in association with Beta
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Miracle in Manhattan

Sometimes it takes more than Christmas spirit...

Christmas is coming, and Finley's Department Store junior manager Jake Finley is getting a teensy bit more nervous with every passing day: he refuses to stock the Toy That Every Child Wants – the Intellytron robot – because he only wants to sell toys that “spark children's imaginations.” At least he's got one big fan in the toy department, the friendly Mrs. Merkle, whom everyone calls Mrs. Miracle, a seasonal employee he doesn't remember hiring.

But Jake's got other things on his mind – like Holly Wilson, a disarmingly sweet and chaotic young woman who literally bumped into him in a coffee shop, and now runs into him again by chance in the store's toy department. Or is it by chance? Mrs. Miracle always seems to be nearby. Obviously, Holly is looking for an Intellytron for her nephew Gabe, whom she's raising while Gabe's dad is serving overseas. The sparks fly, and Jake and Holly start falling in love.

Now if only Jake's dad would stop being such a profit-obsessed tyrant! The once charming man changed completely when his wife passed away. Unexpectedly finding himself together with Gloria – an employee who happens to work with Mrs. Miracle – one evening, he starts to see life with different eyes again. And when it turns out that the Intellytron robot can explode easily while using, Finley Sr. is proud of his son's decision not to stock them. Jake and Holly can now look forward to a Merry Christmas with a very special surprise for Gabe orchestrated by you know who...


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