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Title: MK-X
Original title: MK-X
Format: 20 x 15 minutes, HD
Starring: Dhani Singh
Even Aakre
Vårin Gjevre
Rigmor Galtung
Sophie Stomperud
Solveig Lycke
Mikkel Seeberg-Lund
Anton Grønneberg Hagen
Directed by: Atle Knudsen
Sara Brym
Gisle Halvorsen
Solveig Wedøe
Produced by: NRK Super
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In each episode, a child gets to be the action hero in their own life, always solving the problem in the end. MK-X is fun and will turn any mathophobe into a mathophile!

MK-X is a mathematics program that's tailor-made for school beginners. In each program, we meet a child hero just at the moment when his or her world is on the verge of collapsing. In each program, the child hero faces a task that can only be solved by using mathematics. Fortunately, the children are not completely left to themselves. With the help of a special watch, they can contact their own exclusive mathematics centre – MK-X. This is the workplace of math experts who can help them with any mathematical problem by showing them which math code (learning strategy) apply. The funny thing is that the kids always lose contact with MK-X just when things are coming to a head …

MK-X is a story where children get to be action heroes in their own life. The program's approach to mathematics is to present a practical problem as the starting point. MK-X Headquarters then - literally - leaps into action with snappy songs and dance steps that make the mathematical rule easy to remember.
The main character always manages to solve the problem in the end. MK-X makes math fun, and might even turn a hardened mathophobe into a passionate mathophile!