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Money. Murder. Zurich.

Title: Money. Murder. Zurich.
Original title: Der Zürich-Krimi
Format: 16 x two hours, HD
Starring: Christian Kohlund
Ina Paule Klink
Robert Hunger-Bühler
Felix Kramer
Dominik Weber
Richard van Weyden
Directed by: Carlo Rola
Matthias Steurer
Roland Suso Richter
Florian Froschmayer
Produced by: Graf Film for ARD Degeto




Borchert's Case 
Borchert Gets Even 
Borchert and the Last Hope 
Borchert and the Force of Habit 
Borchert and Murderous Greed 
Borchert and the Fall of Man 

Money. Murder. Zurich.

Disgraced white-collar lawyer Borchert is back in his native Zurich, on the run from German authorities. He sets out to clear his name, with reluctant help of his idealistic assistant – discovering larger crimes in the process…

Maybe you can't make a killing in Zurich anymore, but it's still possible to kill and get killed... Attorney Thomas Borchert is back in his native Zurich. And if you need an ace lawyer specialized in financial manipulation, embezzlement, money laundering and the latest offshore scheme, he's your man. In fact, he knows both sides of the law pretty well, since he was fired without notice by his employer and charged with accepting astronomical bribes in a scandal in South America. Back in Zurich, Borchert wants to clear his name and find out who put the blame on him. Fleeing from the jurisdiction of the German authorities, he sets up his legal practice in a rickety trailer on his family's property in Zurich.
The Zurich legal and financial world had better get used to his hulking figure appearing at the most inconvenient times and places. Assisting him, reluctantly at first, is the daughter of an old friend, an idealist who's wary of associating with the disgraced lawyer. In other words, she's worried about her career. Borchert – who's defending himself – doesn't have one anymore, and both are getting closer as they contend with a tabloid's tawdry revelations.