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Title: Monogamish
Original title: Seitentriebe
Format: 16 x half hour, HD
Starring: Vera Bommer
Nicola Mastroberardino
Wanda Wylowa
Leonardo Nigro
Peter Jecklin
Directed by: Güzin Kar
Markus Welter
Produced by: Langfilm for SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
Season 1, Episode 1 
Season 1, Episode 2 


1+1 = variable

Have you ever wondered what comes after “after” – as in “happily ever after?” Newsflash – life is not a fairy tale and one of the best-known fairy tales is the one about the prince and the princess. That one usually ends with them getting together and lingers on this murky stock phrase that is planted in every brain in the western hemisphere. Until you wake up one day and figure out that usually, it does not work that way. As do Nele an Gianni. Both around 40 (which is the new 30). Married for 10 years. Happily ever after… not really. Sure, they love each other, but their love life seems to have died a slow, sexless death. When Nele starts flirting with a stranger on a dating site and that turns out to be none other than Gianni, they plant their butts on a therapist's couch and start spicing up their sex life – at least that's the plan. Better leave your preconceptions at the bedroom door, ‘cause this darkly funny series is not at all afraid to break a couple of eggs and a few taboos!