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Mr. Miracle

Title: Mr. Miracle
Original title: Mr. Miracle
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Rob Morrow (NUMB3RS)
Michelle Harrison (CONTINUUM)
Brittney Irvin
Andrew Francis
Sarah-Jane Redmond
Malcolm Stewart
Directed by: N.N.
Carl Bessai
Produced by: Unity Pictures for Hallmark Channel U.S.
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Mr. Miracle

He brings a little bit of heaven into life

Based on a Christmas story by bestselling author Debbie Macomber and starring Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actor Rob Morrow ("Numb3rs") and Michelle Harrison ("Continuum")

This is the moment angel-in-waiting Harry Mills has long been waiting for: he's finally being sent on a mission to earth, something the cocky, self-assured loud-mouth is certain will be a cinch. The object of his Christmastime mission is to help college student Addie overcome the grief caused by her dad's unexpected death, and get her back on track in life. Ignoring tact, subtlety and common sense, Harry plops into Addie's life like a Christmas gift you always hoped you wouldn't get. Though intrigued by her new “friend,” Addie is much more concerned about her one-time antagonist / boyfriend Eric, whom she's helping recover after an accident. If they start falling for each other again, and if Addie finds love along with self-confidence, it's Harry they have to thank, a Mr. Miracle who's also learned a lot about human relationships.