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My Best Friend Marlon

Title: My Best Friend Marlon
Original title: Min venn Marlon
Format: 13 x 15 minutes, HD
Starring: Martin Evensen
Petter Mortensen
Leon Rørtveit Søllam
Directed by: Knut Næsheim
Produced by: NRK Super




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Episode 2 
Episode 6 
Episode 9 
Episode 12 

My Best Friend Marlon

If you had to fly to the moon and could only take one person, who would you choose?

Marlon and Hugo have been best friends since kindergarten. But then, a new kid shows up in class, Sander, who seems to be good at almost everything. While Marlon's interest is peaked, Hugo responds with jealousy. Their friendship's dynamic is challenged by this and Marlon has to try and find a balance between the three of them. We follow the boys on their day-to-day adventures, like going to swim class or taking up taekwondo, while their relationship to each other undergoes a transformation that will shape their young and increasingly more complex lives. On the way they'll learn what it actually means to be friends – even if some of them don't get along all the time.