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My Daughter's Ransom

Title: My Daughter's Ransom
Original title: My Daughter's Ransom
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Scottie Thompson
Lucas Kerr
McKinley Blehm
Matthew Pohlkamp
Erik John Fellows
Directed by: Doug Campbell
Produced by: Johnson Production Group in association with Shadowboxer Films for Lifetime
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My Daughter's Ransom

Do as you're told – or else

Rachel's daughter Lindsay is abducted on a school field trip to the zoo. Before Rachel can report it to the police, an unknown caller orders her to do everything she's told if she wants her daughter back alive. Carter, her psychotic ex-boyfriend, has tracked her down and is bent on revenge. Monitoring her every move, he orders her to do an escalating series of dangerous challenges, each aimed at destroying her marriage, her self-esteem and even her life. Rachel is forced to obey if Lindsay is to survive, she cannot call the cops or tell a soul – not even her husband. The twisted mind games continue, with growing intensity, until she is faced with the ultimate choice: Who has to die?


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