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NO. 44 The Mysterious Stranger

Title: NO. 44 The Mysterious Stranger
Original title: NO. 44 The Mysterious Stranger
Format: two hours
Starring: Chris Makepeace
Lance Kerwin
Bernhard Wicki
Fred Gwynne
Directed by:
Produced by: The Great Amwell Company in association with Beta Film

NO. 44 The Mysterious Stranger

An American boy and his wondrous friend share magic an mischief in the Middle Ages

The enigmatic outsider who suddenly appears in a well-ordered world to shake it out of its entrenched ways is a frequent theme in the works of Mark Twain. In his story, young August Feldner, a likable, hard-working printer's apprentice in 19th-century America, dreams that he is in the Middle-Ages, where he is befriended by a boy with the peculiar name of Number 44.

Number 44 can read people's thoughts, disappear, transform men into animals... Morre importantly, he exposes the foolishness of those who claim to pssess the truth, whether in science, philosophy or religion. One August realizes that he too has been fleeing from reality to embrace illusions of certainty, he bids farewell to his friend No. 44 and shakes off the dream of a distant, ideal world.