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Not All Were Murderers

Title: Not All Were Murderers
Original title: Nicht alle waren Mörder
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Aaron Altaras
Dagmar Manzel (JOHN RABE)
Maria Simon
Richy Mueller
Axel Prahl
Katharina Thalbach (THE TIN DRUM)
Directed by: Jo Baier (OPERATION VALKYRIE)
Produced by: Produced by teamWorx Television & Film GmbH in coproduction with SWR/BR/Degeto and EOS Entertainment with backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, MFG-Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg and FilmFernsehFonds Bayern in association with Beta

Not All Were Murderers

The true story of a Jewish boy and his mother, who managed to survive in Berlin during World War II.

Berlin, 1943. After the death of her husband in a concentration camp, the Jewish Anna is left fending for herself and her young son Michael in the Nazi-ravaged city. When their apartment house is raided, they rip the mandatory Star of David patches from their clothing and are barely able to escape the round up to which their many Jewish neighbors fall victim. Aided by their friend Lona and traveling under assumed names, they find refuge with a compassionate Russian pianist. One day, just as they are about to be discovered, an Allied bombing raid prevents their capture, but they are again thrust onto the dangerous city streets. So begins a harrowing two-year odyssey through the region, with the Nazi net drawing ever tighter around them. It is only due to a steady stream of sympathetic and brave Germans who offer them safe haven – risking their own lives in the process – that Anna and Michael are able to survive...
There is the friendly communist couple, who know from their own experience what it means to be hunted. Wakened in the middle of the night by their frantic hosts, Anna and Michael leap out of a window to evade the dreaded Gestapo pounding on the front door below.
Wearing the safe uniform of a Hitler youth, young Michael befriends another boy, Rolf, who brings him home. Rolf's father, Mr. Redlich, is a railroad engineer whose wife had abandoned him, and who suffers a terrible guilt from having transported trainloads of Jews to their deaths in the concentration camps. He as well welcomes the two Jews into his home…
Soon, however, the Russian divisions enter Berlin. Having survived so far, Anna and Michael are now accused by the advancing soldiers of being spies. Where before they had to hide their Jewish identities; now, with their lives again on the line, they are forced to prove them…


  • "Not all Were Murderers" wins "Monaco Red Cross" Award