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Empire Oktoberfest

Title: Empire Oktoberfest
Original title: Oktoberfest
Format: 6 x one hour, HD
Starring: Mišel Maticevic
Martina Gedeck (THE LIVES OF OTHERS)
Klaus Steinbacher
Mercedes Mueller
Brigitte Hobmeier
Markus Krojer
Martin Feifel
Francis Fulton-Smith
Directed by: Hannu Salonen
Produced by: Zeitsprung Pictures in cooperation with Violet Pictures in co-production with BR, ARD Degeto, WDR and MDR for Das Erste
Episode 1 
Episode 2 

Empire Oktoberfest

1900. When a new player arrives in Munich, the balance of power between the brewery bosses is upset, resulting in an all-out bloody war among the city's “beer mafia” that will lead to the end of the Oktoberfest as the residents of Munich have known it for nearly a century.

1900. Munich's Oktoberfest. A traditional annual celebration of the long-since-faded Bavarian royalty. After already running for nearly a century, it is a major source of income – especially for the city's brewery bosses. Many are reliant on the profits made from selling beer at the Oktoberfest, as is the small family brewery headed by Ignaz and Maria Hoflinger. When Curt Prank, a new player, comes to town, his ruthless acquisition methods upset the balance of power. Resisting his shadowy buy-out, Maria soon pays a bloody price for sticking to her guns. The thirst for revenge leads to a devastating and vicious war breaking out among Munich's beer mafia, revealing the ugly face that lurks behind the festive façade of the Oktoberfest. Yet in the chaos, a forbidden love between Maria's elder son and Curt's beautiful daughter is blossoming…

Press Quotes

“The plot carries the hallmarks of all the best gangster movies … [it] echoes the brutal menace of Martin Scorsese's 2002 epic 'Gangs of New York'.”


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