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Title: Ollie
Original title: Ollie
Format: 52 x 4 minutes, HD
Starring: animated characters
Directed by: Various
Produced by: Lunanime


This little park is full of big surprises!

Right in the middle of a very busy city, there is a peaceful place. It's a little park, closed in and forgotten, a true oasis in the concrete jungle. It is where you can find Ollie and his friends. A little owl, a small stork, a young frog and five little birds live there, and they have many adventures together. Small stories about big issues like discovery, friendship, being alone, and the importance of the little things in life. If you want to meet Ollie and his friends, you best come at nightfall. That's when the city turns quiet and everybody goes to sleep. Except for Ollie and his friends who are still awake, just long enough for a little adventure.