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Operation Valkyrie

Title: Operation Valkyrie
Original title: Stauffenberg
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Sebastian Koch (THE LIVES OF OTHERS)
Christopher Buchholz
Nina Kunzendorf (WOMAN IN GOLD)
Axel Milberg
Olli Dittrich
Directed by: Jo Baier (OPERATION VALKYRIE)
Produced by: Produced by teamWorx for SWR, WDR, RBB and ORF in association with EOS
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Operation Valkyrie

Claus von Stauffenberg and the events surrounding the tragically failed attempt on Hitler's life on July 20, 1944.

In the morning of July 20, 1944 Lieutenant Claus von Stauffenberg is on a flight to the Führer's bunker "Wolfsschanze" where he is supposed to give a lecture. But Stauffenberg carries a bomb in his briefcase that is to put an end to the cruel Nazi dictatorship: Hitler is to die. It is at an early stage of the war that Stauffenberg becomes aware of the crimes committed by the SS, and he also recognizes that the campaign against Russia is a military disaster. Severely wounded, he returns from the campaign in Africa. While still serving the army on the home front, he becomes the mastermind of a resistance group of high-ranking army officers. His wife Nina is aware that he leads the movement that is bound to eliminate the dictator. She desperately urges him not to sacrifice his life, thus making her husband leave her at loggerheads when he departs on the decisive journey. In the conference room of the Führer's bunker, Stauffenberg puts his briefcase with the bomb under the table before leaving the room. He and his adjutant Haeften escape the Wolfschanze when the bomb explodes. Covered with Hitler's cape, a man is carried out of the house. Both men are convinced: The attempt was a success. Hitler is dead. Upon his return to his Berlin office, Stauffenberg takes control of the organisation of post war life. Reports that Hitler has not died are disbelievingly ignored. But the rumour that Hitler is still alive turns to become a terrible truth. More and more officers lose their courage and turn away from Stauffenberg and the other resistance fighters. Armed forces that are faithful to Hitler storm the core of the resistance movement at Berlin Bendlerstraße. Stauffenberg and the other members of his group are arrested. They are accused of high treason and condemned to be executed immediately.