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Otzi and the Mystery of Time

Title: Otzi and the Mystery of Time
Original title: Kip and the Ice Man
Format: 1 x 100 minutes, HD
Starring: Michael Smiley
Diego Delpiano
Alessandra Mastronardi (MASTER OF NONE)
Amelia Bradley
Judah Cousin
Deirdre Mullins
Vinicio Marchioni
Directed by: Gabriele Pignotta
Produced by: Onemore Pictures and Rai Cinema in association with Beta Film
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Otzi and the Mystery of Time

Kip and his friends spend their time pursuing their passion for treasure hunting and new adventures. Thanks to Kip's scientist mom, who has been studying Oetzi the Iceman for years, they are fascinated by anthropology. The great adventure begins when they visit Oetzi in the museum. A secret gateway to another world suddenly opens when the Iceman awakes! Yet, before they can discover more, Oetzi is abducted by a white witch, searching for the key to everlasting youth. After a bold rescue, Kip and his pals help the Iceman navigate the 21st century and Kip learns of the mysterious bond between them. Danger at their heels, they embark on a daring quest to the Cave of Time, where Kip discovers his destiny and his own magical powers.

Press Quotes

“Its originality and poeticism will certainly appeal to an audience of 6 to 12-year-olds.”