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Palermo Connection

Title: Palermo Connection
Original title: Il Segreto Dell' Acqua
Format: 12 hours, HD
Starring: Riccardo Scamarcio (MY BROTHER IS AN ONLY CHILD)
Valentina Lodovini
Michele Riondino
Roberto Herlitzka
Natalino Balasso
Antonino Bruschetta
Luigi Maria Burruano
Directed by: Renato De Maria
Produced by: RAI Fiction in co-production with Magnolia Fiction
Episode 1 
Episode 5 
Episode 6 

Script by Umberto Contarello, Winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film ("La Grande Bellezza - The Great Beauty")!

Palermo Connection

Arrogant cop Angelo butts heads with his new team upon coming back home. Yet slowly, Palermo, Angelo and his colleagues appreciate one another. The main problem is how to tackle the Mafia – a nearly suicidal mission...

If there's no water coming out of the faucets in Palermo, you can pretty well guess that the Mafia is behind this. But when a string of murders involving more than Sicily's mighty water suppliers begins to terrorize the residents of Palermo, the heat is on for the cops to catch the culprits. The man in charge is Angelo Caronia, 30, an arrogant, ball-busting cop who's been sent back to his native Palermo after years on the force in Rome. His mission is to wipe up the mess of water and blood spilled by the Mafia

Going back to his old haunts is tough. He immediately butts heads with his new team members, whom he feels are lazy and unmotivated. Yet day after day, Angelo learns to love Palermo, and to appreciate the openness and generosity of his colleagues. They, in turn, are conquered by the ingenuity and brilliance of their chief who, after so many years, has restored their pride in being cops. The main problem is how to tackle the Mafia – a nearly suicidal mission...