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Paradise Prey

Title: Paradise Prey
Original title: Adrift
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Alexandria DeBerry
Sabrine Ferretti
Callard Harris (Dallas)
Michael McLafferty
Aaron Lee
Laurie Love
Directed by: Brian Skiba
Produced by: Copper Beeches for Lifetime
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Paradise Prey

Anything but smooth sailing.

Her marriage on the rocks, Samantha is looking forward to some sun and fun in Florida and quality time with her teenage daughter. Arriving at the hotel, little do they know that they've been targeted by skipper Javier who preys on single women. He zeroes in on Sam in the bar that night, turns on the charm and takes mother and daughter sailing the next day. But the fun cruise turns into a kidnapping. Fighting for their lives, they manage to toss Javier overboard. Relief - or so they think. Adrift at sea. No help in sight. They must swim to an outlying island. Safe at last – or have their troubles only begun? Their only hope is Sam's husband David. But can he save them in time?