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Partners in Justice

Title: Partners in Justice
Original title: Ein Fall von Liebe
Format: 16 x one hour, HD
Starring: Francis Fulton-Smith
Mariella Ahrens
Kristin Meyer
Holger Handtke
Remo Schulze
Peer Jäger
Bruno Eyron
Directed by: Frauke Thielecke
Sascha Thiel
Oliver Dommenget
Produced by: CineCentrum Berlin Film und Fernsehproduktion GmbH for ARD Degeto
Season 1, Episode 1 
Season 1, Episode 4 

Partners in Justice

Eloquent attorney Florian runs a prosperous law firm with his wife. When his ex-girlfriend needs to be freed from jail, he helps her, only to learn that she's ordered to live on the premises of their law practice…

Eloquent and quick-witted, Attorney Florian Faber runs a prosperous law practice with his elegant wife Eva. The sudden reappearance of his ex-girlfriend Sarah, a journalist, two years after their break-up, catches him off guard: she's in jail, suspected of massive tax evasion. Claiming she's innocent, she uses all her charms to persuade the reluctant Florian to help her – even while she's stirring up trouble behind bars!

He, meanwhile, has his hands full with cases that are honorable but generate very little income: a mother protecting her child from her violent husband, a whistle-blower warning about toxic rubber duckies, an elderly millionaire's much younger girlfriend accused of scheming to get hold of his money, a child looking for his dad…

His most difficult case of all, however, is that of Sarah. She is released from jail, but is ordered to live on the premises of Florian's and Eva's law practice… Incurably inquisitive, she immediately throws herself into dangerous investigative work to dig up material for her articles, often crossing paths with Florian. Though Florian has to rescue her repeatedly, what else can he do? His old feelings for Sarah are awakening, despite the nagging thought that Sarah may truly be involved in something big – and using him as her unwitting accomplice…