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Passenger 23

Title: Passenger 23
Original title: Passagier 23
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Lucas Gregorowicz
Picco von Groote
Oliver Mommsen
Kim Riedle
Liane Forestieri
Mercedes Müller
Judy Winter
Directed by: Alexander Dierbach
Produced by: Zieglerfilm Köln for RTL

Passenger 23

It's been five years since tragedy struck and Martin lost his wife and son. Five years since they vanished without a trace while they were on a cruise ship. Ever since, the police psychologist has been a wreck. Tortured by the thought of his wife having committed a murder-suicide. Suddenly, there seems to be a new lead. A strange woman calls and claims she has proof her family was actually murdered back then; even claims that it's happening again. She urges him to come on board the very cruise ship on which his family disappeared. Another mother and her child have gone missing. But this time, the girl turned up, alive but traumatized – holding a teddy bear that used to belong to Martin's son. It seems to be the work of a serial killer… but why are they targeting only mothers and their children?


  • “Passenger 23” wins young audience for RTL in prime-time premiere ratings

    RTL takes home a huge primetime win for Beta's event movie Passenger 23...