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Title: Patrick
Original title: De Patrick
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Kevin Janssens (THE ARDENNES)
Pierre Bokma
Katelijne Damen (GIRL)
Hannah Hoekstra
Directed by: Tim Mielants (PEAKY BLINDERS; TERROR)
Produced by: Savage Film in co-production with Versus Production, Topkapi Films, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama
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From the director of “Peaky Blinders”.
From the producers of “Bullhead” and “Racer and the Jailbird”.

Patrick is the handyman on his father's naturist campsite. His spare time is dedicates to his hobby, designing and building furniture. When Patrick loses his hammer, his quest to retrieve it takes him to the farthest corners of the camping grounds. Sure enough, when his father passes away, Patrick's quest turns existential. As his safety bubble pops, everything he took for granted changes. Is he mourning because of his father? Or is he thinking mostly about his lost hammer? In the meantime, the resident campers are beginning to question Patrick's leadership abilities, fearing for the survival of their beloved sanctuary.

Press Quotes

"Mielants shows a real flair for combining comedy and tragedy, with flashes of oddball humor and some delicious twists and turns."

"The film is a portrait composed of painstakingly observed tiny details."

"Mielants takes great pleasure in transforming this quest for a missing hammer into a breath-taking psychological thriller, steeped in anxiety-inducing music and smoke-and-mirrors twists and turns."

"Rarely before have we seen characters as naked as these having so much to hide."

"A sublimely subversive feature."