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Pope John Paul I - The Smile of God

Title: Pope John Paul I - The Smile of God
Original title: Papa Luciani - Il Sorriso Di Dio
Format: 2 x two hours
Starring: Neri Marcorè
José María Blanco
Paolo Romano
Franco Interlenghi
Imma Colomer Marcet
Gabriele Ferzetti
Roberto Citran
Jacques Sernas
Sergio Fiorentini
Directed by: Giorgio Capitani
Produced by: A coproduction of Compagnia Leone Cinematografica and Rai Fiction in association with Beta
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Pope John Paul I - The Smile of God

His papacy lasted 33 days. His smile will be remembered forever.

Fatima, Portugal, 1977. Cardinal Albino Luciani listens intently to Sister Lucia, the last surviving member of the three shepherds of Fatima. She reveals a prophecy that chills him to the bone: he will soon become Pope, she says. But his papacy "will be as brief as the life of a seed, for the seed must die so that the plant can bear fruit."

Albino Luciani's life unfolds in scenes of profound humanity: his poor peasant origins... his years as an industrious student and devoted parish priest... his warm smile for everyone... Impressed by his many qualities, the future Pope John XXIII makes him a bishop; later, Paul VI names him Patriarch of Venice. At the death of Paul VI in 1978 - one year after Sister Lucia's prophecy - Luciani prays to God that this cup be taken from him. But when his name is repeated over a hundred times in the Sistine Chapel, Luciani bows his head to the will of God. The Pope whom many cardinals perhaps saw as a figure of transition reveals an independent, even reformatory spirit. Aware that his papacy will be short, he begins implementing his plans to modernize the Church. But only 33 days into his papacy, he is found dead in his bed.