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Presumed Guilty

Title: Presumed Guilty
Original title: Jugee coupable
Format: 6 x one hour
Starring: Garance Thenault
Pierre-Yves Bon
Aurelie Vaneck
Elodie Frenck
Directed by: Gregory Ecale
Produced by: JLA Group for France 3

Presumed Guilty

Lola arrives in town for a job interview – turns out, it was never scheduled... Someone wanted to bring Lola here, but why?

Lola is excited. She is invited for a job interview at a hotel in a new town – a big step for the young woman. But things go from odd to strange when she shows up for her interview and learns it was never scheduled. It gets more mysterious by the minute when Lola notices people keep staring at her. The answer is in the local papers: Exactly 22 years ago to the day, a woman named Manon was murdered here, leaving a terrible mark on the region. And Lola bears a striking resemblance to the victim! As she arrived full of hopes, she now is left with many questions: Who lured her here? Who was Manon, really? And what does the murder that happened so long ago have to do with her? The deeper Lola digs, the more it becomes clear: This murder is connected to her in an existential way…