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Profiling the Criminal Mind

Title: Profiling the Criminal Mind
Original title: Donna Roma
Format: 4 x one hour
Starring: Jutta Speidel
Luca Barbareschi
Bruno Maccallini
Huub Stapel
Annika Blendl
Gregor Törzs
Valentina Lodovini
Directed by: Jakob Schäuffelen
Produced by: Produced by teamWorx Television & Film in coproduction with ZDF and EOS Entertainment in association with Beta

Profiling the Criminal Mind

She's a brilliant criminal psychologist - and the new colleague of an elite homicide unit

In her field of criminal psychology, the exceptionally gifted Friederike has few equals. With an already grown daughter and a failing marriage now on the sidelines, she's able to passionately devote her time to tracking down the most dangerous psychopathic killers - wherever they might be.

That determination compels her to travel to Rome, where the similarities between a recent murder there and a case she's investigating appear to point to the same killer. However, it's a male colleague that the elite homicide unit is expecting to pick up at the airport...

It's a delightful clash of cultures as the independent, no-nonsense Friederike spins the heads of her macho counterpart Marcello and his team. Soon however, almost against their wills, they begin to respect the shrewd criminologist not only for her success - but also for her style. It's not long before she becomes a permanent member of the team.

In this dramatically tense crime series, beautiful Rome is the background; Friederike, Marcello and their elite team are out on the front lines and caught in between are the diabolically clever killers who find that they have nowhere left to run...