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Title: Puccini
Original title: Puccini
Format: 2 x two hours
Starring: Alessio Boni
Sophie von Kessel
Francesca Cavallini
Stefania Sandrelli
Directed by: Giorgio Capitani
Produced by: A coproduction of Compagnia Leone Cinematografica and Rai Fiction in association with Beta
Part 1 
Part 2 


Music is his passion. Love is his fate.

"I only know that music and love are one sole thing within me. This I know for sure." From his childhood days in Lucca, Giacomo Puccini always sensed that both music and love were to play an important role in his life. Though half expecting to become an organist in his hometown, his talent overspills the boundaries of sacred music. His ailing mother encourages him to find out what he really wants and to pursue it with all his heart. It is opera - and the success of his first attempt attracts the attention not only of the general public, but also, and more importantly, of the mighty publisher Giulio Ricordi. A rigorous, generous and understanding father figure, Ricordi drives his young genius on to new triumphs: Manon Lescaut and, above all, La Bohème.

Puccini's personal life also seems to take its cue from La Bohème, for he thrives in the heady atmosphere of cafés and burlesque theaters - and in the arms of the singer Chérie. But his chance meeting with the married Elvira changes everything: they fall passionately in love and, in a dramatic and scandalous move, Elvira leaves her husband. Her jealousy, however, will plague the passionate ladies' man Puccini. He finds intellectual stimulation in his affair with the beautiful journalist Liza Berman, and musical inspiration in his platonic relationship with the young maid Doria. But convinced that he is cheating on her with Doria, Elvira fires the maid, who then commits suicide - a tragedy that gnaws at the composer for years... Yet Elvira is and remains the one great love of his life, and it is she who is at his side in his moments of deepest suffering - and greatest triumph.

Swept along by the emotional power of Puccini's melodies, this production paints a vibrant portrait of a genuine artist, the moving tale of a life in music.