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Raven the Little Rascal

Title: Raven the Little Rascal
Original title: Der kleine Rabe Socke
Format: 1 x 75 minutes, HD
Starring: animated characters
Directed by: Ute von Münchow-Pohl
Produced by: Studio 88 & Akkord Film production in association with DDFP in co-production with SWR & HR and supported by MFG, HessenInvest, DFFF, FFA, Media

Der Kleine Rabe Socke © 2012 Universum Film GmbH
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Raven the Little Rascal

A little bit of friendship goes a long way

Based on the books by Nele Moost & Annet Rudolph

Little Raven loves spaghetti and his head is full of all kinds of mischief. Although he's sometimes a scaredy-cat, he'd never admit it, and tends to bend the truth a bit to get his friends to join in his antics – which invariably lead to all kinds of predicaments. When he accidentally damages the dam at the edge of the forest one day and the reservoir threatens to flood the woods, Raven is afraid of getting into trouble – again – with Mrs. Badger, who takes care of him and all the other animals in the forest.

So the clever little Raven is determined to fix his mishap before Mrs. Badger notices anything. Together with his friends Woolly, the timid little sheep, and the big, strong bear Eddie, Raven makes his way to the beavers to ask for their help. After all, they were the ones who built the dam in the first place. If only it was so easy! The beavers are not at all amused that Raven has damaged their construction, and only the little beaver girl Francie is willing to help them. Now the little crow Raven has to prove that he has more than just a cheeky beak and, together with his friends, is brave enough to save their beloved forest.

Stereoscopic 3D version available!