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Raven the Little Rascal

Title: Raven the Little Rascal
Original title: Der Kleine Rabe Socke
Format: 52 x 12 minutes, HD
Starring: animated characters
Directed by: Josselin Ronse
Produced by: Akkord Film production in co-production with ARD, SWR, NDR in co-operation with 2Minutes
Pirates Ahoy! 
Dress for Mrs. Badger 
The Ranger Exam 
The Forest Wedding 

Raven the Little Rascal

A Hero Like No Other

The life of Raven and his friends is like never-ending summer camp. Every day brings new adventures and challenges, and there can be no doubt who is responsible: It's Raven the Little Rascal!

Whether it's hunting for treasures or piloting a flying nest – Raven's mix of creativity and stubbornness always leads him and his friends into new dramatic, absurd and exciting situations. With courage, wit and unconventional solutions, cheeky Raven is the master of solving problems that wouldn't exist without him. This series is about friendship, responsibility and good old mischief, which is based on the popular book series (6,7 million copies sold, 40 titles in 31 languages) and two feature films.