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Rex - Special Unit

Title: Rex - Special Unit
Original title: Rex - Special Unit
Format: 24 x one hour, HD
Starring: Francesco Arca
Domenico Fortunato
Francesca Cuttica
Alessia Barela
Massimo Reale
Daniela Piperno
Directed by: Marco Manetti
Antonio Manetti
Produced by: Beta Film and Dog's Life for RAI
Season 1, Episode 1 
Season 1, Episode 3 
Season 1, Episode 4 

Rex - Special Unit


It's the next step in the logical evolution of a successful franchise: "Rex Special Unit," a new generation of "Rex" with a cool new look, modern, youthful aesthetic, more drive and action, and a darker mood. Interspersed with quick cuts and agile camera work, "Rex Special Unit" whips its storylines along with a beat that makes the series rock. Whether chasing crooks, locating corpses or searching for victims in need of help, Rex faces ever greater challenges, which he takes on in perfect harmony with his human partner, brawny detective Marco Terzani.

Marco, who previously spent several years in a narcotics squad in South America, is accustomed to a very physical style of crime-fighting that often includes undercover work. His relaxed style is ideal not only for interrogations, but also for toning down the pressure at Homicide. Yet time is of the essence, and Marco knows he can rely on an exceptionally gifted – albeit slightly eccentric – team of experts. The team's favorite, however, remains the one who's short on words but big on action: Rex!