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Ring By Spring

Title: Ring By Spring
Original title: A Ring By Spring
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Rachel Boston (WITCHES OF EAST END)
Kirby Morrow (STARGATE)
Stefanie Powers
Directed by: K.T. Donaldson
Produced by: Oliver De Caigny, Johnson Production Group and MMXIV Ring Productions Inc.
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Ring By Spring

Fortune tellers are always right, except when they‘re wrong

Starring Rachel Boston (Witches of East End), Kirby Morrow (Stargate), Ali Libert (Lost Girl) and Giles Panton (The Tomorrow People)

Perky, chirpy business consultant Caryn is a dynamo of good cheer and positive vibes. And at the age of 30 there are still no alarms ringing. Until she and some friends get their fortune read by Madame Rue – who tells Caryn that if she doesn't have a ring by spring, she'll never marry. Luckily, it's January; sadly, she believes the fortune-teller. Wedding-wise, Caryn's in for a nasty surprise when boyfriend Bryce pulls the plug on their relationship. You'd think she'd notice the gazillion signals coming from single, handsome Tom, the boss of a company whose performance Caryn is trying to improve. As she obsesses with contacting all her exes to find out why they dumped her, Tom – who fell in love with her at first sight – bides his time and hopes that Caryn will leave the Land of Exes and swoop back into the here and now. A ring by spring? Does it really matter? All four seasons are fine with him. As for Caryn, another visit to Madame Rue might do her a world of good!