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Rita and the Beast

Title: Rita and the Beast
Original title: Almuth und Rita
Format: 2 x two hours, HD
Starring: Senta Berger (THE POPPY IS ALSO A FLOWER)
Cornelia Froboess
Patricia Aulitzky
Directed by: Nikolai Müllerschön
Produced by: Neue Bioskop for ARD Degeto
Rita and the Beast 
Thick as Thieves 

Rita and the Beast

An impossible friendship?

Why do cleaning ladies all seem to have a big mouth along with their big heart? Dr. Almuth Seegers, who has just sold her successful dental practice, is elegant, arrogant, well-to-do, and very, very lonely. She never even realized who's been cleaning her apartment regularly for years. But now that she spends more time at home, she has to put up with Rita, the loudmouth proletarian with an unflappable disposition, who is not intimidated by the sophisticated “grande dame.” Relatives? Friends? Hobbies? Forget it! Almuth doesn't do emotions. She leaves smiling and hugging to others. While her utterly devastating insults hardly make a dent in Rita's goodhumor shell, Rita starts to turn Almuth into a human being. Conveniently, Almuth has to deal with her aged and equally icy mother who is beginning to suffer from dementia, and with her reproachful daughter who has long given up hope for a normal mother-daughter relationship. It's only through Rita's dauntless interventions in Almuth's rock-solid routine that Almuth comes to appreciate Rita's salt-of-the-earth wisdom, which even finds its way to her heart.