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River of Life

Title: River of Life
Original title: River of Life
Format: 7 x two hours, HD
Starring: Various
Directed by: Various
Produced by: Schiwago Film for ZDF




Lost at the Amazon 
Child of the Danube 
River of Life - Ganges 
River of Life - Loire 
River of Life - River Kwai 

River of Life

Each journey a tale of love, adventure and personal discovery.

Each story tells of a personal quest to the great rivers of the world – to a different people in a different world. All are inspired by the cultures and philosophies they encounter. From the Loire to the Ganges. From the Kwai to the Danube. From the Amazon to the Okavango. Each has his or her own burden to carry, task to perform, or problems to solve. And each sets out on a wondrous journey of discovery: finding joy or heartbreak, love or redemption, regret or compassion, friendship or disappointment. Yet all find wonder and enlightenment - and all are changed by their great adventure on the river of life.