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Title: Rommel
Original title: Rommel
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Ulrich Tukur (THE LIVES OF OTHERS)
Benjamin Sadler (SIDE EFFECTS)
Thomas Thieme
Hanns Zischler (MUNICH)
Tim Bergmann
Johannes Silberschneider
Peter Davor
Directed by: Niki Stein
Produced by: teamworx with SWR, Degeto, BR und ORF in association with Beta Film
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Inspired by the tumultuous events in the last seven months of Field Marshal Rommel's life, a controversial film that casts a new light on a popular wartime figure.

Among all the generals of Hitler's Reich, he is the most beloved by the people: Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. Called “Desert Fox” after his daredevil campaign in northern Africa, he is now put in charge of organizing the German defense against an Allied landing in Normandy. It is early 1944, and this is the story of Rommel's final seventh months.

In his HQ in France, the dashing, vain Rommel welcomes his new adjutant Gen. Lt. Speidel, a measured, thoughtful man. Despite their differences, the two men quickly forge a relationship of trust and respect. Rommel needs someone to trust, since he has many enemies among his fellow generals, who resent his maverick ways and successes paid for with heavy losses...

In view of the growing threat of a crushing Allied attack from England, and Hitler's refusal to grant Rommel more men, Speidel attempts to convince Rommel to join the circle of generals planning to overthrow Hitler. Rommel is open to deposing Hitler, but not to assassinating him. After the Normandy invasion Rommel begs Hitler to negotiate – in vain.

Back on the Western front, the plotters are finalizing their plans. Rommel, who is now openly criticizing Hitler, seems willing to join the group. But three days before the assassination attempt, Rommel is seriously injured in an Allied attack. Hitler survives, Speidel is captured, and Rommel is accused of having known about the attempt. Hitler, however, cannot afford to put the Reich's most popular general on trial...


  • Rommel concers German prime time

    Munich, 2 Nov 2012. The media praised event TV movie Rommel about Hitler's desert fox has conquered the prime time in Germany.

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    This fall, Beta Film is presenting over 200 new episodes of series at the international TV trade fair MipCom in Cannes...