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Title: Romy
Original title: Romy
Format: two hours
Starring: Jessica Schwarz (BUDDENBROOKS, THE DAY I WAS NOT BORN)
Guillaume Delorme
Heinz Hoenig
Maresa Hörbiger
Directed by: Torsten Fischer
Produced by: Produced by Phoebus Film in coproduction with SWR, WDR, ARD Degeto, ORF and NDR in association with France 2 and Beta
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Her career began with a legend. Her life ended as a myth.

The daughter of the celebrated actor couple Magda Schneider and Wolf Albach-Retty, Romy Schneider is confronted by fame very early in life - and to her, it means banishment to boarding school and little time with her parents. Yet she, too, discovers her love for acting while in boarding school, and at the age of 15, her mother arranges for her to star in her first film. Two years and several films later, she debuts as Empress Elisabeth in "Sissi," the first film in a trilogy that has become immortal and that determined the fate of Romy Schneider.

As "Sissi," Romy conquers millions with her refreshing naturalness and youth. Yet she rebels against the excessive sweetness of her image and refuses to make a fourth Sissi feature. Instead, she accepts an offer to shoot her first film in France, where she meets and falls in love with a then unknown young actor named Alain Delon. The German public, not to mention Romy's own mother, feels betrayed by Romy's defection to France...

After Delon leaves her, Romy marries the actor Harry Meyen, has a son with him and begins to dream of a normal life. The following years bring her great professional success, but also enormous personal challenges that demand the utmost from her. Her craving to live life to the fullest helps her overcome several strokes of fate - but ultimately her life is too short to satisfy her longings, and she begins her quick and heart-rending descent towards immortality...


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