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Hotel Sacher

Title: Hotel Sacher
Original title: Das Sacher - In bester Gesellschaft
Format: 2 x two hours, HD
Starring: Josefine Preuss
Laurence Rupp
Julia Koschitz (TOUR DE FORCE)
Ursula Strauss (MY BEST ENEMY)
Robert Palfrader
Peter Simonischek
Nina Proll
Directed by: Robert Dornhelm (ANNE FRANK, WAR AND PEACE)
Produced by: MOOVIE, Constantin Film and MR FIlm in co-production with Beta Film
Part 1 
Part 2 

Hotel Sacher

Aristocracy sets the tone in the Hotel Sacher, Vienna's most distinguished hotel. However, a new era is about to begin, and with it, social upheaval.

The imperial era is about to end; but what will come in its place? One key, or rather many keys, lay in the hands of Anna Sacher, the domineering proprietor of the Hotel Sacher, the most distinguished hotel in Vienna. The city is the center of Europe, where the aristocracy still sets the tone and servants still know where they belong. And Anna, the unchallenged “Queen of Vienna,” makes sure that the “upstairs” and “downstairs” folk will each keep to themselves. They know they can rely on her discretion.

At the center of all this are two couples, the independent-minded publisher Martha and her unsuccessful writer-husband Max; the romance novel authoress and princess Konstanze and her socially committed husband Georg. Living on the edge, their destinies get intertwined as they conduct passionate but doomed affairs.

But there is another figure waiting in the wings to take her place on the chessboard of a new society: Marie. The illegitimate child of Georg – who had no idea of her existence – escapes the miserable conditions she was raised in and claims her rightful place. A new era is about to begin…


  • Beta Film plans to acquire majority share in Vienna’s MR Film

    To further expand production business, Vienna's MR Film is partnering up with Munich's Beta Film. Pending approval by cartel authorities, Beta Film will acquire 51% of the tradition-rich production company...

  • Seven million viewers checked in at Hotel SACHER on ZDF

    The Sacher has opened its doors to a German audience and over seven million viewers checked in...