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Salamander - Blood Diamonds

Title: Salamander - Blood Diamonds
Original title: Salamander
Format: 10 x one hour, HD
Starring: Filip Peeters
Wim Opbrouck (COBAIN)
Violet Braeckman
Florence Hebbelynck
Boris Van Severen (PROFESSOR T.)
Leah Thys
Koen van Impe
Mwanza Goutier
Directed by: Frank van Mechelen
Produced by: Skyline Entertainment for Eén
Episode 1 
Episode 5 

Salamander - Blood Diamonds

The murder of a political refugee in Brussels catches the attention of federal inspector Paul Gerardi; the victim had to flee Kitangi, a former Belgium colony in Africa. There, a brutal rebel army lead by General Bombé and financed by blood diamonds is trying to take control of the country by any means necessary. Does the murder have any connection to the bloody civil war going on in the small African state? As Gerardi investigates, it seems increasingly apparent that this is an international affair; and the trail leads to an investment bank in Brussels. Slowly, Gerardi gets pulled into the conspiracy. What is the connection between the Belgium bank and General Bombé? Suddenly evidence comes to light which promises to uncover a dangerous secret. As Gerardi digs deeper, the case shines a harsh light onto the economic and political elite of his own country. Sure enough, greed and lust for power are at the root of it all...

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