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Sea Patrol

Title: Sea Patrol
Original title: Sea Patrol
Format: 68 x one hour, HD
Starring: Ian Stenlake
Lisa McCune
Saskia Burmeister
Matthew Holmes
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor
David Lyons (Revolution, Safe Haven, The Cape)
John Batchelor
Kristian Schmid
Kirsty Lee Allen
Jay Ryan
Directed by: Chris Martin-Jones
Produced by: Nine Film & TV Pty for Nine Network and McElroy All Media


Season 1-3 
Season 4-5 


Season 1, Episode 1 
Season 1, Episode 2 
Season 1, Episode 3 
Season 2, Episode 1 
Season 2, Episode 2 

Sea Patrol

Ready to board - for justice at sea

Speedier, stealthier – Australia's hit action series “Sea Patrol” sails into its fifth season with 13 powerful episodes crackling with more heart-pounding excitement, more spectacular high-speed ocean chases and more emotionally-charged character-driven plotlines than ever. The mission of the Australian Navy's special Sea Patrol unit is to fight crime on land and, especially, at sea.

The team is based on the HMAS Hammersley, whose crew is in for a tsunami of dramatic events including attacks by political terrorists, crimes of passion and of greed, human smugglers and human hunters; and current topics such as illegal ocean dumping and fishing, and a radioactive bomb that could mean the end of more than the Hammersley. “Sea Patrol V” – facing bigger challenges, bigger risks and bigger adventures with a cool new team!