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Secret of the Ark

Title: Secret of the Ark
Original title: Das Geheimnis der Arche
Format: three hours
Starring: Julia Molkhou
Stephan Luca
Jean-Yves Berteloot
Michael Gwisdek (GOODBYE, LENIN!)
Hilmi Sözer
Directed by: Tobias Baumann
Produced by: all in production for RTL in association with Beta
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Secret of the Ark

Prevent the Apocalypse!
A sunken ship... A precious relic... A treasure guarded by the Black Death

What was really on Noah's ark? Animals? Or something unimaginable, something foreboding that can bring death to whoever seeks the answer? Appalled by the murder of a colleague – an ark expert –professor Sörensen sends his trusty, daredevil nephew Robert to investigate. But the killers are waiting and ambush Robert, who just barely manages to escape with a photo of a medieval “Plague Madonna” and an ancient Armenian text. Robert must now find Sörensen's Armenian student Anahit to help decipher the text.

Anahit, however, is still on board a research ship in the Mediterranean where she has just made a sensational discovery: the wreck of a crusader ship that was allegedly transporting one of the most important relics of the Middle Ages, the “Eye of God.” The crew salvage a large jewel-encrusted stone, but it brings them no luck. That night, their ship is attacked, the relic stolen, and the entire crew – save for Anahit, who hid herself – decimated by a mysterious virus that surfaced from the ocean floor with the precious relic.

In Istanbul, Robert and Anahit join forces to seek the treasure, with the killer commando hot on their heels. The pair flee to Yerevan, where Anahit decrypts the ancient text, a travel log penned by the artist who painted the “Plague Madonna.” It says that there is a second “Eye of God” which, if brought together with the first, could unleash a catastrophe of biblical proportions – a second flood, the plague! Behind the murders and attacks is the secret, sinister “Brotherhood of Mercy,” which has absolutely no mercy when it comes to their dark designs. As the deadly virus – the Black Death – begins to spread, Robert and Anahit must find and destroy the second “Eye” to prevent Armageddon.


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