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Shadows from the Past

Title: Shadows from the Past
Original title: Die Schatten, die dich holen
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Aglaia Szyszkowitz
Bernhard Schir
Mavie Hörbiger
André Hennicke
Directed by: Robert Dornhelm (ANNE FRANK, WAR AND PEACE)
Produced by: DOR Film in coproduction with ARD and ORF in association with Beta
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Shadows from the Past

Only the future is ours to shape.

Some people learn to live with their past. Others try to bury it. Like Vera Schlink. The life she led 12 years ago is the last thing on her mind at the glittering cocktail party being given to celebrate her nomination as Fund Manager of the Year. Lovely, charming, married to successful manager Hannes, mother of pretty eight-year-old Paula, committed to helping environmental and Third-World causes, Vera is the very portrait of the woman who has it all, and who's liked by all. The only smudge on the portrait is Kurt, a man who played a brief but decisive role in her past and who now unexpectedly appears at her party. The gift he's brought her are photos from the life she once led and that she's been able to cover up until now: her past as a prostitute. A past that no one, not even Hannes, knows anything about.

Thanks to Vera's testimony, Kurt and a pal were sent to jail for the murder of Vera's boyfriend. Kurt has served his sentence and wants compensation for his lost years – from Vera. Frightened and desperate, Vera turns for help not to her husband, but to a new friend, Melli, a no-nonsense, clear-thinking young woman who unquestioningly devotes herself to Vera during these tense weeks. If Kurt doesn't get a million, he's going to destroy not only Vera's life, but also that of Hannes and Paula. Melli favors a radical solution – but on whose side is she really on?


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    Munich, 2 Feb 2012. Beta Film’s latest made-for-TV movies Shadows from the Past and Anatomy of Evil have kept millions of German viewers glued to their TVs.