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Title: Shame
Original title: Skam
Format: web-format, HD
Starring: Lisa Teige
Iman Meskini
Josefine Pettersen
Ulrikke Falch
Ina Svenningdal
Directed by: Julie Andem
Produced by: NRK




Season 1, Episode 1 
Season 1, Episode 7 
Season 1, Episode 11 
Season 2, Episode 3 
Season 2, Episode 5 



When YOUNG GIRLS grow up

The successful drama series that runs daily online and weekly as a webcast.

Eva, Chris, Sana, Vilde and Noora are first-year high school students, living through a roller coaster of heartbreaks, partying – all the challenges young people face as they begin the final stage before entering adulthood. Each season centers on a different main character.

Season 1 follows Eva. She apparently has no one to rely on other than her boyfriend Jonas and his best friend Isak. Eva feels lonely and seeks out other venues and people who could offer her new impulses and friendships. For who is Eva really, and how far is she willing to go for others before she compromises her own values?

In season 2, the focus is on Noora and her relationship with “bad boy” William, the coolest guy in school and Vilde's crush. Noora appears to be the strong and steady character in her circle of friends, helping the other girls when they struggle with boys, sex and their body images. Throughout the season, Noora has to do battle with her own conscience and morality, as she lets herself fall for William.

The third season centers on Isak and his second year of High School, where he's battling his own emotions, identity and sexual orientation as he faces the immense challenges of coming out and falling in love.

Season 4 revolves around Sana struggling with her religious beliefs as she falls in love and the urge to fit in with her peers.

The story takes place in real time and is published through the web-specific storytelling elements, texts, images, and grabs, as well as live-action drama scenes per season.

The groundbreaking format from Norway has not only fostered a dedicated fan base all over the globe, it has also been successfully adapted in France, Germany, Italy, the U.S., Spain, Netherlands and Belgium.


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